I need to be alone all the time. (demolition_lver) wrote in mlwgs,
I need to be alone all the time.

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so first entry.

I've been doing a marketing thing for this community, so lets hope someone joins. If anyone does join, feel free to do a little introduction thing. or whatever. I really couldnt care less. Im not actively moderating this, bc I don't give a crap if you curse or whatever. just don't insult me, and im good.

-the very cheerful katey d.
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This is the infamous MORIAH!!(a freshman, unfourtunately) HAHAHA. actaully, i'm not infamous but it would be great if i was. i really ahave zero friends on livejournal, but i would love some people to keep this lonely heart of mine company. check out my journal!! and, what exactly are people supposed to post in this community anyway?
moriah! hehe i dont really know you either. umm... post whatever you want... I didnt really think about that before i made this.
Yes, the shirt is pink.
its actually an inside joke from last year.... but it definitely was pink.
I definitely agree with you. I mean, what else could it be? Blue? So not. Or like, salmon maybe? Like salmon isn't pink! Yes, that shirt is pink, no questions asked. Or answered. Because they weren't asked. =o)
they were asked.... thats where the icon comes from. and it MIGHT have been salmon. but it was more pink, most def.
No, they weren't asked because I said they wouldn't be.

I think so too.
And in case you didn't know, if you want to reply to a comment, you should click the "reply to this" link under the comment.

Deleted comment

Yes! Shadows! Crepes! Yes! Drop by Mrs. Hefty's room for free food. :D
welcome... you may as well join if youre going to post....
lol and I forgot to do the "reply comment" thing again.

oh well, who cares.

and you guys know you can put entries in this community too, right?
Whoever you are demolition_lver, you are my new best friend! Finally, I have found someone who says the phrase, "I couldn't care less" right! Everyone else says "I could care less" and it drives me insane!

Anyway, now that I have made a complete fool of myself (one of my very favorite pastimes), hello MLWGS people! Looks like most of you on here are freshmen. Yay freshmen! Except I kinda am a sophomore, but I swear, my freshman hating days are over, well, unless the oportunity shoves itself in my face...uhhh yeah, well, anyway, I must be getting to my hw. Bye cool peoples!
Hey, you're a Goochie! Hullo! Do you have a cow in your backyard?
Hahah, I actually used to have cows in my backyard, but the farmer pasturing them there moved away. I was sad, I liked the cows. I had many a fun cow-tipping excursions is those days. Heh heh, jk!
wow. im from nk.... but its the inner city- providence forge. my mom wanted to get a goat once, but we lived in a subdivision so it never happened.