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oka an actual post....

well to get some ideas about what to post here, i am making an entry. :

In yagel's english class we have a project where we have to pick a song to go with a character from julius caesar. so I came up with some ones. feel free to steal, I'm keeping the good ones for myself. but these are all pretty bad....

-killradio, "do you know" (caesar, poss.?)
- my chemical romance "im not okay" (for portia... if you use this one then you are such a slacker, its the easy way out)
-coheed and cambria "blood red summer" (caesar?)
shoot.... i know I had a lot more than that. but im too lazy too look them all up... but Ive already decided what I'm going to use (none of these, obv). feel free to post your rejects here too.
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